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Why World News are important?

why world news are importantKeeping up with world news may seem a bit overwhelming at times but when you start understanding why it is important to stay on top of things, you will begin to read and watch programs on world news and events more often. No doubt that in the U.S. world news are not being followed as much as in any other country in the world. U.S. news broadcasters have been losing its public at a steady declining rate. Students don’t read newspapers anymore and surely don’t watch BBC World News. Why? Well…because it’s boring! This is a common answer of every college student at an average American university. Sad but true.

What kind of news does younger population follow now? Any guesses? Well of course it is News Feeds in Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Perez Hilton blog, etc. Although all that stuff might be really important to you, but you have to realize that it has no meaning to the outside world and thus it is your responsibility, as a young citizen – the future of our nation, to keep up with the world and know what is going on the outside of U.S. borders. This type of media is taking over the spot that news once had. Just ask yourself following questions to see whether you are staying on top of things (read answers next to questions from right to left):

  • Who is the president of Russia now? (VEDEVDEM YRTIMD)
  • President of which country has died in a recent tragic plane crash? (DNALOP)
  • Who is Sarkozy? (ECNARF FO TNEDISERP)
  • Why is EURO dropping so rapidly? (SISIRC TBED NAEPORUE)

If you got all of these correct, then you have been watching news lately and keeping up. But if not, then you have to READ UP! By reading news you learn not only about your local community, but you also increase your horizons by learning about state, country, and the world as a whole.

If you are going to volunteer abroad, you probably should know the political and social situation of the country you are visiting. Just think about it, you are going to do volunteer work abroad in Africa and will be involved in projects like community development and health care education. When you do those kind of jobs, you need to be a very educated person, not just a college or university student who wants to have a “fun experience” abroad. It doesn’t work this way.

If you really want to make a change, you have to be an expert at lots of things. You have to learn about the country (Kenya for instance) and the problems it faces. You have to learn about local communities and Africa as a whole. What is their economy comprised of? How do they bring food into the community? Can you practice agriculture in their climate? How can you bring in development aid and how can you help the local economy? Just questions like these will get you thinking a lot. And once you know the answers, half of the problem will be solved.

Obviously, it is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of volunteers end up just following the orders of their coordinators. Those who have an activist spirit in them make serious changes! There are so many cases when a volunteer comes home after the trip to Africa and opens up a charity fund, or a non-profit organization that works toward rural development in third-world countries. It is amazing. So stay updated and be educated. It is your world, and you have to take care of it.

It doesn’t even matter if you are participating in programs abroad or not. It should be important to each one of us to understand the society we live in. Why this and why that? We all know that not all news you can believe. Media wants to get public’s attention by outrageous stories and headlines. To do that, they have to manipulate information to present it in the way that public will absorb the most. Developing your critical thinking is also very important and useful too!

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